Kunar-Nangarhar Marble Quarry

Kunar and Nangarhar Provinces, Afghanistan

The mining concession area at the Kunar-Nangarhar Marble Quarry is 2.5 square kilometers and includes an extensive pure calcium carbonate marble outcrop. The color is mainly white with a rare gray hue and well known for its quality. This quarry is well documented and known for its premium quality of deposit.

The marble outcrop geological formation found in the concession follows a linear East Northeast-to-West Southwest orientation for approximately 18 kilometers, all within the concession boundaries. This formation dips towards the Northwest with an angle of inclination between 40° to 50°. Current geological exploration will reveal more precise technical details about the structure of the deposit and the physical-mechanical characteristics of the marble.

The marble found in the deposit has an exceptionally fine and homogeneous grain in size, pattern, and texture, which makes it particularly appealing for the soft color tones, suitable for all interior applications where superior quality marble is required.