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The Natural Stone Company offers premium Marble, Onyx, and Travertine stone products under the brand name of Kush Stone. Kush Stone is the brand name chosen in reference to the geologically esteemed Hindu Kush Mountain Range located in Afghanistan and symbolizes the premium quality of stone being offered. The Natural Stone Company owns and operates two quarries in Afghanistan’s mountain ranges from which they extract their Kush brand stone.

The Kush Stone product lines offer decorative dimension stone slabs and tiles of marble, onyx, and travertine for interior and exterior building construction applications. Kush Stone is extracted and produced with exacting engineering standards and dedicated workmanship. The Natural Stone Company produces Kush Stone utilizing the most current Italian stone processing technology. The investment in this state-of-the-art Italian engineering enables the Natural Stone Company to create and offer dimension stone products of exceptional quality which are on par with or exceed the characteristics of the most respected stone brands found in the international marketplace today.

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The Natural Stone Company products are available under the brand name of Kush Stone in local, regional, and international markets. All Kush Stone brand products are environmentally safe, free of asbestos, and compliant with international building standards. Through the company’s reliable logistics services, the Natural Stone Company ships anywhere in the world so that Kush Stone comes direct from Nature to you.

The Natural Stone Company Specializes in Mining, Processing, and Export of Marble, Onyx, and Travertine

The Natural Stone Company has invested in two state-of-the-art factories in Afghanistan that are equipped with sophisticated stone machines and equipment to process, cut, and polish dimension stone products utilizing the most advanced Italian stone processing technology in the industry. A world-renowned engineering company in Italy was engaged in the planning and design of these factories. Both factories were design-built according to European construction and environmental engineering standards. The Natural Stone Company is working on the planning and development of a third factory.

All three factories are located in modern industrial parks in Kabul, Afghanistan. The production lines of the two fully operational factories have a monthly production capacity of 40,000 square meters of finished stone. This capacity and economy of scale allows the Natural Stone Company to offer slab and tile products at competitive prices to world markets.

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The main source of supply comes from the Natural Stone Company’s two quarries totaling 4.1 square kilometers of extraordinary and unique premium quality stone deposits featuring white marble and honey-white premium travertine. The quality of these dimension stone deposits is exceptional. Their chromatic range is well suited for the most demanding international markets. Owning and operating the direct source enables the Natural Stone Company to guarantee a steady and reliable supply of a broad range of premium Kush Stone products, including for the largest-scale construction projects anywhere in the global market.

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The Natural Stone Company is the leading company in Afghanistan’s dimension stone sector, offering products under its Kush Stone brand. The Natural Stone Company is committed to offering top quality dimension stone including marble, onyx, and travertine.
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