Why choose Kush Stone

Direct from Nature to You

The Natural Stone Company products sell under the brand name of Kush Stone globally. Kush Stone is symbolic of the commitment to the highest standard of craftsmanship, quality, and design. Kush Stone products include marble, onyx, and travertine. Products are available in slabs and tiles. Cut-to-size products are available upon request, including kitchen and bathroom counter tops as well as stair steps for large commercial projects and private design-build assignments.

The company’s experience in traditional stone processing, combined with the latest technology through every phase of production, ensures customers will receive top quality Kush Stone products delivered to exacting global stone industry standards.

Natural Stone Certified:

The Natural Stone Company’s production of high quality marble, onyx, and travertine has been recognized by the international community of natural stone architectural and design professionals. Since the Natural Stone Company announced its Kush Stone product offerings and guaranteed production capability, industry professionals worldwide have shown intense interest in the dimension stone for use in interior and exterior applications.

  • The fine grain of the translucent white marble and onyx offer rare decorative accents that infuse exquisite luxury into project definition.
  • The white travertine can be used in many building design applications, including flooring as well as interior and exterior building applications.


The Natural Stone Company has consulted with accredited and respected international dimension stone industry professionals to analyze and document the unique quality of the stone which is extracted and processed from their two quarries in Afghanistan.

Natural Stone Company products under the Kush Stone brand are sustainably extracted with strict adherence to international industry guidelines to reduce environmental impact.