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Natural Stone Company

The Natural Stone Company was founded in 2014 with the goal of offering Afghanistan’s high quality marble, onyx, and travertine to domestic and international markets. Today Natural Stone Company is the leading dimension stone mining, processing, and export company in Afghanistan and one of the most competitive world-class stone companies in the region. The Natural Stone Company offers dimension stone products under the brand name Kush Stone. The dimension stone is requested and specified to be used in projects by residential and commercial developers around the world.

The founder and investors of the Natural Stone Company are professionals who bring their decades of experience in design-build of civil and commercial construction in Afghanistan and the Gulf Region together under one umbrella. Their extensive industry experience has allowed them to understand and appreciate the necessity for a steady supply of quality construction materials with on-time delivery for commercial and residential development projects.

The Natural Stone Company is the leading company in Afghanistan that mines, processes, and exports dimension stone to international markets.

Internationally Compliant Stone Materials

Kush Stone

The Natural Stone Company products sell under the brand name of Kush Stone globally. Any products sold under the Kush Stone brand are environmentally safe, free of asbestos, and compliant with international standards of construction materials for both interior and exterior building applications. 


Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

In April 2020, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum awarded Natural Stone Company two mining permits for large deposits of white marble and travertine located in central Afghanistan. With the country’s new strict mining regulations, receiving these awards demonstrates Natural Stone Company’s economic and financial solidity as well as its extraordinary technical capacity in the eco-sustainable exploitation of large natural stone deposits.


Natural Stone Company has two quarries across 4.1 square kilometers:

The Kunar-Nangarhar Marble Quarry

The Lolanj Travertine Quarry

The Natural Stone Company vertically integrated mining and processing to ensure direct access to supply and the ability to meet scheduling deadlines of Kush Stone products. The Natural Stone Company currently operates two state-of-the-art factories that are equipped with the most advanced Italian machines and equipment for cutting and polishing. Current Natural Stone Company production capacity is 40,000 square meters of slabs and tiles per month. A third factory is in development and will enable the Natural Stone Company to increase its production capacity of existing Kush Stone products while also enable the company to offer additional specialty products.

The Natural Stone Company offers products that meet and exceed international industry standards of composition and quality. Natural Stone Company products available under the Kush Stone brand are offered at competitive prices in local, regional, and international markets. Through the company’s distribution channels, Kush Stone can ship anywhere in the world so that Kush Stone Comes Direct from Nature to You.

The Natural Stone Company continues to develop and grow with the objective to be the top dimension stone exporter from Afghanistan. Since the company’s founding in 2014, the founder of the Natural Stone Company considers the company’s greatest achievement to be the exponential growth of jobs the Natural Stone Company has created in Afghanistan, including in quarrying, processing, sales and marketing, and export operations. The company will continue to create new jobs as they grow and expand, and is committed to generating up to 1,000 direct and indirect jobs that will support long-term community and social development in Afghanistan, ranging from infrastructure to public services, in the areas where the quarries and factories are located.


The Natural Stone Company has invested in two state-of-the-art factories that are equipped with the most advanced Italian machines and equipment for cutting and polishing. They currently are developing a third factory in order to be able to increase production capacity and offer more diverse products.

A world-renowned engineering and consulting company in Italy was engaged in the planning and design of these factories. The factories were designed and built in accordance with European design- construction and environmental engineering standards in modern industrial parks located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

These factories are equipped with sophisticated stone processing machines and equipment where dimension stone blocks are cut and polished utilizing the most advanced Italian Stone processing technology in the industry. These modern production lines, which are capable of producing 40,000 square meters of finished stone product each month, enables the Natural Stone Company to offer slabs and tiles at competitive prices to world markets.

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Pol-E-Charkhi Industrial Park

Paktia Kot Industrial Park