Kush Stone


The Natural Stone Company’s travertine deposit is from a newly acquired reserve in Afghanistan which is currently under extractive and development. This travertine is exceptionally fine grained and will be an extremely popular addition to the Kush Stone product lines. 

Colors of the travertine stone vary from white to honey with a variation of dark and light chromatic accents. These accents were created by the mineral oxidation which occurred in the natural formation of the stone deposit.

The presence of calcium carbonate and the unique geological history which occurred at the Lolanj Travertine deposit make this stone exceptionally durable and weather resistant. This stone is an excellent choice for use in both interior and exterior building applications. Kush Stone travertine is a practical alternative for use in flooring, stairs, and architectural columns as well as an excellent stone surface covering in bathroom, kitchen, and swimming pool design. The Natural Stone Company will determine the color variation and quality of the travertine upon completion of exploration.